My name is Jasmine. I am employed as a teacher since August 2000. After following the education training, I started my career as a teacher at a kindergarten with two classes in Santa Monica. After three years, we joined a primary school and became a primary school.

My colleagues were very nice. A couple of years later we arrived in another school building with another colleague and collaborated. There, I was given the opportunity to become a deputy director. To be capable for this task, I followed a program: Director of Primary School. I graduated and received my degree in 2008.

For 4 years, I have been a director in the school. I was also responsible for being in a nursery group for two days in a week. It was a really nice combination, because you could still get involved in observing the students while dealing with all the management tasks.

In 2011, I chose to work as a group teacher in the kindergarten. I still work as a group teacher and have no regret!

In addition to my work as a group teacher, I am a blogger. It is a challenge for me to discover all aspects of the work and to be involved in the education system. That’s why I like to share it in my personal blog.

I also have developed a lot of lesson ideas and projects. Many teachers now can use of all the topics that have been developed. However, I still haven’t made the download version yet. Because, I want everyone to think about whether it suits the children and whether they control the techniques or not first rather than automatically apply the lessons. After all, it’s not only about making money, but it’s about toddlers, about the game and what they learn about it.